20 Dark Predictions for 2013, the Year of Oppression and Insanity — 4 Comments

  1. hi there… like your thinking. doing much of the same down here in South Africa. Your research reads like a page from our recently “liberated democracy” my country is being torn apart with communist agendas, rampant greed and corruption and Govt handouts to the millions of poor people for their votes. the aim is to alienate those who love G-d and the land, the farmers and Afrikaner people, from their place of calling in our country. It breaks my heart to watch the slow disintegration of moral fiber faith and family values amongst my people but praise G-d there is always a remnant. pray also for us as we do for you.

  2. During Obama’s first term, the number of Americans on food stamps increased by an average of about 11,000 per day. At the beginning of the Obama era, 32 million Americans were on food stamps. Today, more than 47 million Americans are on food stamps.

    The number of Americans receiving money directly from the federal government each month has grown from 94 million in the year 2000 to more than 128 million today.

  3. NWO activist are now trying to cover up their failure, because they planned an event for the end of 2012, but did not happened because G-D will not allow things to go their way any longer, they have spilled to much of innocent blood already, it is time they face G-D’s power, the Power they claim does not exist. They based their saying on every thing but the Bible, that is their trick. Anything that you need a specific knowledge to read it, then it is not available to everyone. Every Son of G-D, has the Spirit of True, G-D’s Spirit in the heart, in the inner man. Even those that have lost themselves, still have the Power of G-D inside them. Read the Bible and reconnect to Him, ask for The Only King to guide you, and you will find the Power and realize how powerless these “people” are, because they have renounced G-D’s love. They believe in hate, hate is their food.

    Anti NWO movements all over the world should create a “stop working” worldwide movement. That is what will kill them, instead of working for them, start working for the only true G-D. Stop working and work on prayers from the heart, this will attack them on their very base, money and massive release of real spiritual love from us, claiming for G-D, because G-D is within us, do not search above, search with in, do not use any of the new age meditation technique, this is done to take us further apart from our true and powerful G-D. The Spirit of True that IS in all of us, Spirit of G-D that constantly claims Aba, G-D is PURE LOVE, and “they” can’t bear it. Do this and this lower spices will run from the real humans, sons of G-D. Stop working now and collapse their system. Pray and be full of the LOVE of G-D.

    It seems a nut idea, in fact it is the most reasonable idea….People all over the world are working for them 24/7. They can’t be defeated unless we all stop working for them. It just one simple change, stop working and start praying with all your heart….real people will get together and they will be confused. Something they could never expect. They expect us to fight back, they want us to fight back in anger, to break things, to act with rage, remember is their precious food. Do exactly the opposite of what they want, stop working peacefully, gracefully, start praying, get together with people you trust. This will bring their plan to go completely off track, and we will all be working for the Only and True G-D.

    Searching for G-D with in us, lies the most powerful source that G-D gave to us. Remember this war is already won, we have to remember that, because G-D is within us. He repeatedly told us that in the Bible. There is nothing to fear, “they” have fear, they are terrified that we remember the power that comes from G-D. Their force is from earth, a carnal force, our power is from G-D. Nothing compares to the power of G-D. They claim that they control the world, but G-D controls everything including them, they are nothing more than agents to wake us up, they know their time s up, they have no rights of this land. They are using their last days here to drive us far away from G-D to blindly rob our land from us, G-D already gave it to us, we are the ones to keep it, but driving away from G-D is exactly how we will loose it, loose something that we already had it. We have to wake up and turn to G-D. WAKE UP. STOP WORKING for them. Do not ever fear them.

    They want so badly to convey an image that they are so powerful, but they know they are not. They created this paraphernalia that let them monitored everyone, but as I mentioned it is only paraphernalia, not power, G-D has the true power to read peoples hearts and minds. They want to convey an image of years and years of conspiracy, so that they install on the back of our mind that this is to complex to defeat them. It is all lies, illusions. They are the children of the liar, all they know is to create illusion. They want to divert us so badly from the powerful Spirit, that G-D gave to all of His children, from the hands of His first Son, our King.

    They use their craft to keep us away from G-D’s power. They create expressions like “sheepple” to undermine the G-D’s people, and they are unfortunately driving G-D’s people away from the power of G-D. They are using people’s pride to disconnect from the real power, they implementing in their minds that pure faith and prayer are obsolete and for the ignorant. And creating fake beliefs that take everyone to their track, with a false felling of wellbeing, false intelligence. What they want is everyone away from G-D, and specially from G-D’s power. Choose to be a sheep of G-D instead of a one of their bunnies. G-D’s sheep has the Power over those who try to enslave people out of pressure.

    It is passed time to WAKE UP. Your job is not important, it is most certainly good for them, it is something to keep your mind busy, to keep you connected to their interested, your bills are not important, all of these were created by them to keep you busy. Literally if people from all over the world truly get together and in one act quit their job and create smalls groups, to help each other, to pray together, in a peaceful act, full of prayers and LOVE for G-D.

    That is the solution, to wreck their system, but we need to have faith in G-D, and do it, and know how to do it, do it with LOVE, like The Son of G-D tough us. Do not fear them. Do what they don’t expect. They truly believe they have everyone under their strings, under the illusion of career (job), bills, mortgage, and desirable items they created (like cars, social status….), cut the strings that let them control everyone. It sounds mad but it is not, it is mad to be worried about mortgage, about next month bill, about job promotion, while they are mutilating, killing, drinking everyone’s blood at their parties, creating hunger, creating war, creating hate, creating genocide, creating virus to exterminate most of human race. Stop watching TV. Let’s really WAKE UP, and listen to what G-D’s Son told and showed us. They want us under fear because they know how weak they really are compared to G-D’s power. Turn yourself to G-D in prayers. Stop drinking, smoking, quit your vices (they all are open doors to them) and turn yourself to G-D and they will run, as fast as they can.

    Do not trust magical rock, do not trust power of colors, do not trust new age stuff, they are all teaching you to connect to them, to their carnal forces, and they are sucking all of your vital energy. G-D IS power and He is inside us, we have a tiny part of His power (yet already so powerful, you will see), once we find inside us, it take us to G-D’s power. We can clearly feel it. But we have to search for it, need to be clear of vices and limitations that can damage our senses. And our sincere prayers take us closer and closer to Him. This lower entities entered here thru sin, they love sin, they want everyone on sin, that is why G-D sent us His Beloved Son, to give us the opportunity to walk away from sin and search for G-D with a pure heart free from sin, but once you ask for His help, it is a commitment to keep yourself clean, G-D’s path. But I assure you that you will want that, and you will never want to go back, it is like finding pure water on the desert. It is a real blessing.

    Hope it will make sense to many of you. Read the bible with a pure heart and you will understand, the scriptures are like a letter addressed to G-D’s Sons, and He repeatedly shows us the Power we have once we walk with Him. The governors of this present world have turned their back to G-D, and want to exterminate the rest of G-D’s people, that is their agenda, but one of G-D’s abomination is the oppressors. Quit your job, organize yourselves, quit bad habits, quit vices, and pray from your heart. RECONNECT TO G-D, and not to an unnamed energy (entity) like new age’s movement has teach you to do.

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