NAFTA and the Border Crisis

What does the UN NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) have to do with the crisis on the border today? The North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, was the door through which American workers were shoved into the neoliberal global labor market according to Jeff Faux. By establishing the principle that U.S. corporations could relocate production elsewhere and sell their products back into the United States, NAFTA undercut the bargaining power of American workers, which had driven the expansion … Continue reading →

Nancy Pelosi Wants to Amend the First Amendment

Photo credit: Leader Nancy Pelosi / Foter / CC BY

Nancy Pelosi wants to amend the First Amendment. She thinks corporations have too much speech and she wants to limit it. When Pelosi says “special interests,” she means the interests of those opposed to establishment Democrats. Clear Channel is a corporation. So is Fox News. There are thousands of websites, newspapers, think tanks and political action committees that Pelosi and the Democrats consider corporations. In Citizens v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that the free speech of corporations … Continue reading →

Tyranny Alert!!

Wake up America! Your future is about to be sold down the drain by a group of criminal politicians hell-bent on setting up a Socialist America… they call it progressive. These politicians have already sold their souls, now they want you to pay for them. While many are urging you to call your Representatives in Washington to tell them to stop this madness, it will probably do about as good as when Americans flooded many of these same politicians with … Continue reading →