The Shocking Face Of China’s Brutal One Child Policy — 1 Comment

  1. Well, I do know people who would say that if you use birth coorntl you have just committed murder. Because God might have wanted you to get pregnant that month, and your preventing a person from BECOMING is the same as murder. And what\’s the difference between preventing someone from becoming and murdering them at a preborn stage?I\’m not that far on the spectrum. I feel God could (and sometimes does!) thwart people\’s ideas about when they\’re going to conceive. Sometimes God does not bless when we think He should, and other times isn\’t it sad that the scared 14-year-old is pregnant when there are so many married moms who are really aching for a child? I don\’t have answers to these things except that I think \”just relax,\” or do this procedure and have sex sideways, etc. to infertile couples or judgmentalism against the 14-y-o is going to help.I could certainly see times where a married couple because of sickness or something like that would feel it needs to not try to conceive for a while. And that might mean a form of birth coorntl.And you know…It\’s really none of my business, on the one hand, what someone does in that regard in their marriage privately so long as I\’m not paying their medical bill. On the other hand I am concerned that it seems the NORMATIVE experience that one would be expected to use birth coorntl. I find it disturbing. Sick, actually. It fosters the idea that we can have children when and if they are convenient. Children (usually!) should be an expected part of a marriage. It was the first command that God gave to Adam to \”be fruitful and multiply.\” I don\’t see a \”hey, quit all that babymaking!\” verse in scripture, however, so I would have to assume that the NORMATIVE experience would be for a wife and husband to have several children. Some would have 14 and some only one or even none. But the usual should (ideally) be several and we see this borne out in scripture in several passages.So…No. I don\’t think that birth coorntl should be taught about at all. I don\’t (I HOPE!!!) get all high n mighty against people who for whatever reason feel they need birth coorntl. Or people who don\’t have the same religious views I do. I know what it feels like to be looked down upon for thinking a certain way and would never want to do that to someone else. :]But I have to say I find the idea that this is the *usual experience* offensive… I should NOT have to be asked about birth coorntl at my physician\’s appointments. It shouldn\’t be something pushed as some sort of medical accessory package at every doctor\’s appointment. It makes me feel harassed, that the people who deliver babies would be the same ones pushing to coorntl how many of them you have or what is best for your family. I think that in balance, doctors should be able to ask you ONCE. Once. Every stupid appointment, including when you\’re in for tonsilitis is no stinkin\’ fair LOL!My children should not be taught this in school. At all.I\’m ok with other people teaching this to their kids. Other people might even buy birth coorntl for their children and I would have no way of knowing this. It really isn\’t my bz unless I\’m paying for it.Then again…Ok, this isn\’t really a birth coorntl issue, though…Those poor children and young women forced into prostitution. What can be done for them? I would hate to just enable their rapists/ Johns by giving them condoms. Is there no rescue for these people? I think about it a lot. I would hate for the only \”help\” they receive to be a stupid condom… but I would hate even more for them to get AIDS because my stuffy morality prevented the condom distribution. :]Really… I wish there were some way to rescue these people!!! Sometimes, I can see some shades of gray at the edges there on these issues, you know? But I\’ve sort of outlined my *ideal*. Those women and KIDS in slavery, though. I hardly even know how to pray for them. How to give folks like that hope… yeah, I guess that\’s off topic a bit. But I wonder.