The Planned Economic Meltdown in America and Beyond — 19 Comments

  1. I’ve been thinking along these lines myself lately…collapsing the dollar and instituting a new currency would be an easy way to default on $40 trillion in public/private debt and hundreds of trillions in credit default swap derivatives.
    One step closer to a one world government.
    So I say thanks to you and add your blog to my favorites just now.

  2. Most of the bankers of the world believe in globalism if not outright one worldism. Its probably all planned.

  3. “America’s economy is going to look different and the American taxpayer will be paying for their own slavery”, this phrase catches my attention. The economic crisis in America is inevitable, although lots of people are employed but then many are still struggling to survive in this recession. We need a helping hands in this economic crisis happening around us.

  4. Even more tragic of this theft of the American Dream is the theft of that dream from your children and grandchildren who will ultimately inherit our bad stewardship.

  5. At the time of financial crises we need to come together united and try to solve the problems which are responsible for such a hazard. We need to overcome it. It is meant to bring calm to the population and markets and display government strength and stability.

  6. I’m not surprised that the last economic crisis was not planed. In any case they do deserve a crisis. The entire country and its people are all living on credit and they think its the greatest thing that was ever invented. Spending more than you have, what a dumb idea.

  7. This is not only for economic crisis, or civil unrest. Having these supplies are necessary for many reasons. Here in FL, hurricanes are a nasty byproduct of living in “paradise.” It’s best to be prepared to be without basic services for at least a week. Drinking water, food, medical supplies. I’ve seen devastation where if someone called for help, there was just no one coming… not anytime soon anyway. You need to have the ability to fend for yourself, defend yourself, feed yourself and shelter yourself. If not, well… you’re just at the mercy of everyone else.

  8. We are meant to believe that everyone in

    the IMF
    the world bank
    national governments and central banks in America, Europe and Asia

    had NO idea what they were doing? Puhlease. This was planned, it’s a HOAX.

  9. what is really crazy is all the anti-semitism in here. not only that, but all you have is speculation… where is your hard-evidence? the reason everyone thinks you are all nut-jobs is that you have no facts… get those and maybe someone might be interested. in the meantime, ease up on the art bell a bit and maybe stop watching the x-files….

  10. As if all of the above was not bad enough, according to the 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government, which is an official United States government report, the total liabilities of the United States government, including future social security and medicare payments that the U.S. government is already committed to pay out, now exceed 65 TRILLION dollars.

  11. There are always conspiracy theories around big events. There are many unanswered questions tho. For me, one of the big ones is why the Saudis were evactuated before they could be interviewed by the FBI. Bin Laden’s family just might have been able to contribute to finding their son.

  12. As America stands on the precipice of a huge economic downturn we must ask ourselves; what happened? Where is that US leader in economic growth and stability or did it ever exist? And as we borrow with interest from China, the World Bank, Japan, and the Saudis, we are simultaneously printing money that grows progressively worthless daily.

  13. Look at what how the International banksters are using the Federal Reserve to destroy our currency. Can there be any doubt that a criminal syndicate is working to destroy America?

  14. In George Washington’s closing address to Congress, in the
    late 18th century, he said that our new republic would
    only prosper with “honorable men at the helm”.
    Our last administration was anything but that.
    In fact, it was the closest thing to tyranny this country
    has ever seen.
    Granted, they were only puppets of a far greater evil.
    An evil thats spreading over the globe like a cancer.
    An evil in the form of a New World Order.

    I don’t believe this evil can be stopped summarily if at all
    In the end, those who wish to be free of such tyranny may be
    required to flee society and form their own rule.
    I forsee the formation of independent communities not unlike
    the hippie communes of the 1960’s but on a global scale.

    Deliberate sub-cultures (or communes) in remote corners of
    the country, if not the world, vying to subvert and sidestep
    the proliferation of the NWO.
    A modern day Exodus, if you will.
    It may be the only way to avoid the NWO entirely.
    Could this happen if our lifetime??
    But I think this Exodus will occur gradually over decades.

    Where will people go to establish these autonomous self-ruling socities??
    There are no more frontiers to conquer or open lands to settle.
    Rather, we may lose ourselves into the forests.
    Or find a country that will welcome us as refugees.
    Our options may be vague but so will our freedom if
    we don’t act.

  15. This is all a part of the plan for the New World Order. What is happening now is a product of a plan set long ago behind closed doors. Those that know about the Bilderberg Group and the hidden agendas of the elite in general, know full well how this whole system works but my God, the majority are so blind to it. Any ideas how to convince people this is all going on and quick we are so close to them accomplishing their goals?

  16. The life of a slave was a life of suffering. Who can fathom the brutal humiliation of being treated like an animal? Every day the slave was degraded and dehumanized. Every day the slave endured toil and hardship. Every day the slave was tempted to abandon hope. Every day, life began to look less attractive and death more appealing. Every morning, the slave awakened to bondage, and every night, the slave closed his eyes under the weight of oppression.