Introducing Barack Obama’s New World Order — 43 Comments

  1. This is nothing new. The Bible spoke about this years and years ago. It is not a good thing at all. This will be during the Tribulation period once Jesus returns to earth to snatch His followers to heaven. This will not emerge until after Jesus returns according to the Bible.

    • @Karen: Hal Lindsey predicted all this to come to pass in the 80’s and then there is Harold Camping. It’s almost 2013 and still nothing! Get a life!

  2. We can’t stop it. This is in the Bible so it will come to pass. You can avoid this if you are taken to heaven when Jesus comes to take his people. You must be a believer in Jesus, have a relationship with Him and be living a life that’s pleasing to Him.

  3. This is going to be the most terrible time to live. Anyone who does not follow after the anti-Christ will be killed. There will be a one world religion and government. It’s sad because many people don’t read the Bible and don’t know what lies ahead. Thank God that Jesus will come and get His people out of here before this starts.

  4. It somehow still amazes me that anyone believes anything that the government says. Obama was set up to be the “savior” of America, and the world. Remember the magazine covers and the infomercials, “Yes We Can!” – and everything else that went into the image of what Obama was supposed to be – The change we were looking for, the hope that we needed. Right. America has never had a president worth standing for. Those of you still too blind to see what is happening and too lazy to do a little research to find out who Obama is and what is coming for America and the world, you are in my prayers. I believe that God is giving us clues, warnings that something is about to happen. I don’t proclaim to know who the antichrist is, but I have a feeling that he has made his appearance and that he is already playing a large role on the world stage. Don’t place your hope and trust in a man. Put it into God, He will not lead you astray.

  5. don’t like the new world order……..!!!!!!!!!! pls. Let’s stand for JESUS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t agree with the new world order…………………………………. LET’S WAIT FOR JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If you are Christian or an other Religion please I am warning you please don’t agree with that If you agree with him you will not get to the RAPTURE

  7. Please don’t do these for those who like’s or agreed to Barack Obama please I am Warning you that biochip is very bad read the BIBLE for you to believe

  8. last but not least. i believed obama when he said “i’m new at being a christian and i’m still exploring what that means”, very unlikely to be antichrist but i do think NWO using him as their puppet. NWO… bunch of bored rich people. obama do best to isolate himself from them all if possible. world leaders are kinda like tom cruise character in movie THE FIRM where elite company boosts HIS EGO by throwing money and fame at him, all to be THE PUPPET.

  9. If what is written in the book of revelations is to happen….there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Stopping him wont make a difference to god at all. The end will come when the end comes. The prophecies about a new world order leader and all that crap is just a sign predicted back then. A sign of what will go on in the world at the time of the near end of days. It doesn’t matter if we/they stop him or not . The end will come when the end comes. What is foreseen is just that foreseen. I feel the end has nothing to do with religion at all! Its just the way it is and has been over and over. I do not think that there is a supreme being in the way it is told in that book. I doubt there is a being that’s all knowing that will pass judgement on each and every man. Religion was made solely to control the masses of people asking Why? and of coarse to control wealth. I feel the end will be of cosmic disaster.. it has happened before and will happen again….and again. Nothing ever dies.. it is just recycled over and over somewhere in our finite universe. Do not fear it its just the way it is and always has been… Religion has taught man to fear. Do not fear anything!

  10. the NWO digs its claws deeper&deeper into us every day.we seem to be on a collision course with disaster.for the NWO to rise,the u.s.must fall,and boy,are we falling FAST&HARD!and it doesnt help that we are so divided.we are being led in different directions by people who are all in cahoots,towards the same tea partiers are being led like lemmings to fall straight off the cliff.and those of you still drinking the obama-aid,you need to do some research.among many things,he has DRASTICALLY expanded the police state beyond what bush had going.for example,if he sees fit,obama can have anyone,and i mean ANYONE,in this country summararily killed,without having to awnser for it.he has also drastically expanded the phony ‘war on terror’all across the globe,killing and causing misery,fear to innocent people.he is also supplying arms to terrorist governments that kill their own people,notably honduras.he is spitting on the constitution at every turn.and what,my dear tea partiers,are your elected republican/tea party representatives doing about it?NOTHING!same with my fellow liberals(i am one).what are your democratic representatives doing about it?NOTHING!this is just further proof that our 2 parties are really ONE.working as&for the NWO.what they have planned for us here alone,let alone for the rest of the ggonna make nazi germany&the holocaust look like childs play.this is dread,my friends,truly dread!unless we wake up,stop fighting&start uniting,it will be too late.we can stop PREPARE YOURSELVES!

  11. the new world order cabal is digging its claws into humanity further&further every day.we seem to be on an inevitable collision course with disaster.for the NWO to rise,america must fall.and boy,is it falling,HARD!it doesnt help that this country is so divided.we are all being led in different directions by people who are all in cahoots,towards the same end.wake up,people!you tea partiers are being led like lemmings to fall off the cliff.and for all of you still drinking the obama-aid,do some research.among many things,he has DRASTICALLY expanded the police state here in the u.s.for instance,he could have ANYBODY,and i mean,ANYBODY here killed at his whim,without having to awnser for it.and hes every bit,perhaps more so,the war criminal bush was,is.he has massively expanded the fake”war on terror’,killing innocent people all over the globe,especially the mid-east.he is supplyig arms to murderous governments,like honduras.he has continuasly spit on the constitution.and dear tea partiers,what are your elected republican/tea party representatives doing about it?NOTHING.and dear,fellow liberals(i am one),what are your elected democratic representatives doing aboutit?NOTHING.this just further proves that our 2 parties are in collusion,working together to implement the NWO.this is dread,my friends.truly dread!its time for us ALL to stop fighting&start uniting.what they have planned for us just here in the u.s.,let alone the rest of the world,will make the nazis&the holocaust seem like childs play.we can stop this,before its too i say PREPARE YOURSELVES!

  12. I think anyone leading the US right now would have huge problems, not an easy job by any means. I don’t think the Republicans would fare any better.

  13. Obama has not been the best president of the United State but I think he is doing a good Job.

  14. I think the Obama family are actually the sacrificial lambs of this new world order. Perhaps are full of good intention. They are being built up very quickly to take a great fall. Of all the Bilderberg members. I bet the Obama family will be remembered by far. It is sad…..

  15. Well i beleive that thsi world,when it comes to one world order,well,it’ll be close to the end of the world….all of this leads up to,one leader….right someones got to control it,soon enough yall will see what i mean…

  16. My name is Linda. In reference to Jasmins’ reference to Cain and Abel’ lineage and Eve sexual encounter with Lucifer. Tell me what book you are reading this from because that isn’t in my Bible and I read the the Nelson King James study bible. Are you Mormon?

  17. r you serious.that order is gonna be our end,if we dont fix it now….our children are doomed,bcuz of our ignorance for this matter at hand….pray to your Almighty Cretor we all gonna call upon “IT’s” name 1 day

  18. This new world order is very good and I feel that it can be more better to get through these so that it can be properly managed and implemented for more fruitful results.

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  20. I live in the UK, but I believe Barack Obama is a great president no matter what other people think. Some people would not believe how hard the job is.

  21. It seems that some residents in America has not satisfied with what Barack Obama promised to be bring CHANGE to this country.

  22. Besides these cowards our nothing more than just insecure lieing thieves let them establish this world order then we can over rule them togather and we will finelly end all these wars that’s been happing on this planet and then end the money system were we can live in a free peaceful world with no proverty were no evil resides as result of this many will die but they cannot kill us all stand up dont be afraid be strong ,brave courage let’s end the dumbing of the human mind and learn to become more mature with ourselves to learn a grow.

  23. Wow Obama Has And Super Elite Group Scary It really Is Ive Been Telling People About This Expecially My Family Members
    But They Dont’Belive Me But Laughf And Say Leave Obama Alone Every Body Needs To Let Him Do His Job Well I Guess He Is Doing His Job The World Order Job That Is.

  24. Walk by faith and not by sight. Apparently the most of the world is walking by sight, because just about all the ‘clues’ if that’s what you would like to call them are being thrown right in your faces for the coming of christ. The new world order is one of the biggest of them, besides the earthquakes and the book, not the movie, 2012. If you would walk by faith and not by sight you would already know that and be well prepared, though things happen randomly and in different spots you never know whats going to happen. Pray every night and read your bible, thats if you have one. Most people read thrillers or comics or something. And also you wouldnt be afraid because that youd know that the Lord would protect you.

  25. I just want to say thank you for putting yourselves out there and letting us know what is going on. Along with you are many; Christians,authors, and people in general that are warning everyone of the New World Order. Nothing happens by accident; God had a reason for letting Obama in the White House. God is getting ready to act, and when He does, all will be set right.
    If you want a list of people in the New World Order, it is online, and also mentioned in the book “2012”, not the movie, but the book written back in 2005 and it gives the name of the man who wants to be set up as the World Leader. It isn’t Obama, but a man named Marcus Strong. Watch for him. When the economy as we know it collapses, he will be in the big middle of it all.

  26. Once upon a time, long long ago, there was agovernment of the people, by the people and for the people. No more.

  27. This is prophecy of Scriptures being fulfilled, you may slow it down, but this One World Order or Government will come into existance.
    The problem is this, no one wants it to happen in their lifetime and they want to pass it on to another generation.
    America is getting ready to meet her Waterloo, she has become a immoral cesspool of corruption.

  28. Obama…Bush……Olbermann…Rush…they’re all the same! we have been duped by the media and led astray by politicians who feign interest in doing something to save this nation. God have mercy on us because we are very much part of the problem and why we have gotten to this point!

  29. God bless rush, glenn beck, this website and all other SANE human beings who see, know, speak and defend the truth. and if this bothers you than move to antartica and enjoy your misery.

  30. this is exactly what the book of revelations talks about. those who have eyes and ears must stop this nightmare. there is hope if we but take action NOW!!!!

  31. Limbaugh is nothing more than an entertainer that caters to right wing extremists, all he seeks to do is cause division in our country through his hatred, bigotry, and constant ranting. There is no compromise to new or other ideas. He believes only he is right and rest are wrong. This is why nothing ever get accomplished in Congress or the Senate. Its the “Us against Them” mindset.

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  33. Rush Limbaugh said on January 14, 2009, “Bill Richardson had to withdraw. Obama’s education nominee cannot speak proper grammar. The Treasury nominee doesn’t pay taxes. The nominee for attorney general worked in the pardon office, and he didn’t know anything about pardons. Obama’s top terrorism advisor was involved in a security breach. We’ve got more scandals here during the transition than most presidencies have in one term!”

    Even Rush is waking up to the criminals in the Obama Administration.

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  35. “Obama equals collectivism. When you stop to think about this, it’s really the opportunity of many of our lifetimes, because we haven’t really dealt with full-bore collectivism as an ideology identified with a political party up ’til now.” – Rush Limbaugh