Feds Preparing For “Breakdown Of Law And Order” — 1 Comment

  1. I have said many things in the past which came true. The only thing which cannot be predicted is its timing for some reason. By Revealation of God something will happen inthe future yet in which the so called “occupy wall street” crowds could be the start of this: Eventually some 7.1 million citizens in the USA will fight the local/state police forces for the first 2 weeks or so then a state of emergency called by President Obama. Over a 65 week period which possibly began on October 14 (more on that later) 140000 out of 350000 officers nationwide will be killed but the armed citizens dying will number 6.3 million of those 7.10 million though. Very brutal tactics will be used by the United Nations troops called to restore order but due to the effects of this and other things the economy of the world by around January 12 2013 is deadand completely destroyed(estimated based on the Oct 14 2011 date).By devine actions of God through the prayers of people better than 5 out of 6 UN troops also die as a judgement and saving grace upon America.