What’s the bottom line on global warming? — 3 Comments

  1. The bottom line is this, it’s smart to take care of mother nature but what you have been lead to believe is a lie.

    If you want to see for yourself what is really going on, I recommend visiting this site and watching the 8 videos they have. It woke me up!

  2. Millions of people not just in America but globally are being educated, or should I say re-educated, about the highly complex and highly debatable topic of global warming, not through a reasoned public debate between advocates and skeptics, but through fictional cartoons, comedies and drama shows produced by a monolithic corporation that has its tentacles deeply embedded into the same establishment that is trying to sell global warming in order to introduce a CO2 tax and regulate people’s lives.

    See: Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows

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