Romney Would Sign NDAA — 1 Comment

  1. Mitt Romney and the Fourth Amendment

    To understand Mitt Romney, simply look at two of Romney’s selections to serve as “foreign policy” advisors:

    • Colonel Michael Hayden….the little weasel who dreamed up the TIP….the total information program….that giant Defense Department Super Computer (white elephant) that was to keep tabs on everybody and everything …credit card transactions, emails, all phone calls, facial recognition street cameras, college courses, organizations, memberships and all the books that you checked out from the library.….TIP!!!

    • And Colonel Hayden was the co-author of the so called “Patriot Act” which essentially voided the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution….the law by which, even today, the Government can do warrantless wiretaps, searches without warrants, open and read your mail, place transponders on your vehicles and so forth….

    • And then there’s scrawny little Judge Michael Certoff, author of the giant post Katrina rip off, former head of “Homeland Security” and the money behind those intrusive total body scanners for airline passengers. And the “beefed up TSA “ complete with pat downs of your children and your grandmother. Colonel Hayden and Judge Certoff are longtime members of the Bush-Clinton Cabal. They are Bush-Cheney holdovers.

    • Curiously, it was Bush and Cheney who shut down the investigations of those nineteen (mostly Saudis) enrolled in 767 and 777 flight schools in Vero Beach, Minneapolis and Phoenix. Had the Bush clan not shut down these three FBI investigations of their friends, the Saudis…if they had not shut down these investigations, there would have been no 911, no Police State and none of the above mentioned Fourth Amendment transgressions…..

    Wonder if Governor Romney even knows the evils that Hayden and Certoff have thrust upon the American people? Or does he just go on his way, a marionette, manipulated by Poppy (GHW) Bush and clan, blithely smiling, giving out autographs and robotically mouthing his favorite phrase…”Hi, nice to see you again.” Even though he hasn’t never ever laid eyes on that (obviously ill informed) citizen.

    Wake up America! If you are waiting for Wolf Blitzer, Diane Sawyer or Gwen Eiffel to ask penetrating questions about Romney and his relationship with Hayden, Certoff, the Patriot Act, the TIP, the TSA, the total body scanner and the Fourth Amendment, why you are in for a long a wait!

    “Hi, nice to see you, again”

    Frank Benjamin