Prevent Bubbles, Stop Inflation? End the Fed! — 1 Comment

  1. Whoa! That reporter sure showed her colours! Quite argumentative and supportive of legislation giving the Fed more power. It’s the typical NWO tactic of passing the buck to the fall guys, the banks. Sure the Fed is going to reign in the supposed ‘bad guys’ the banks. The Fed is the bad guy, their lack of transparency and manipulation of the economic system is wrong. The Dynastic family cabal behind the Fed like the Rothchilds et al are the REAL bad guys. They have a plan to create a feudal Orwellian world of serfdom and themselves as overlords of the Global Tyranny. Intentional worldwide economic collapse is a major part of this.
    “He sure is an independent thinker..” Snarky. Just because she was intellectually outmatched by Paul.