Food and Depopulation: International Takeover by the UN — 1 Comment

  1. “Incidentally, the Director of the WTO is Rufus Yerxa, former employee of the the US government and Monsanto.” What a self-defeating morass and conundrum this beast has built for itself. USA funds the UN, which tyrannizes the world via WTO, run by Monsanto, which funds USA. Yet, first world Europe and some of its global banking entities have delivered Monsanto a knockout punch and rejected the GMO. Italy, while showing some conscience, and the not-so-secret seat of world power, is also exhibiting massive confusion and losing control of the Hegelian dialectic. Vatican owns Britain Inc. There is one global entity that all people around the world will voluntarily join: A benevolent entity that is honest to its people, truly shelters and protects them with their best interests in mind, truly protects intellectual and social freedom, and fosters social progress. In this entity, there is no secret depopulation program. This governing body either innovates to meet the needs of the people are honestly describes the situation to the world and how we can meet that crisis. Of course, there is no real shortage of food. It is horded and culled. You can’t bomb or starve countries into joining a One World. It will never happen that way – that is merely suicide. Wake up elitists and stop worshipping insane anti-social medieval texts such as Albert Pike written by insane old men before flight, space exploration, electricity, running water, public libraries, medical knowledge, and automobiles.