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  1. PS…they got away with murder. They won awards for Medal of Valor, laughing on tv as they were awarded it for killing my innocent brother.
    They lied to the media, said they shot him twice….but shot him 19 times in the face and chest, then throwing his lifeless body facedown to cuff him. The womn who called the police on him, said he never threatened her, never seen him holding a gun, and he never abused her in 22 yrs. But the cops lied and said to the media a very different story, to cover up their wrongful actions!
    He was such a wonderful brother. KIND to everyone. They got away with murder that cold novemeber night. made into “heros” by the media, when it was nothing like they told the media. If people were to know they actually shot an innocent man to pieces (so much, we had to have a closed casket funeral…and his donor bank couldnt use any of his organs or eyes bc they were all shot up), the public would be outraged!! Im so sad bc of this and their notorious arrogance and aggressiveness. My family will never be the same. I just dont know what to do…..

  2. ****On NOV 25, 2008 in Brooklyn Park, MN, My Beloved Brother ERIC KOLSKI was shot 19 TIMES from 5 feet away as he sat on his couch from 2 officers that broke into his house. The first one to fire was a 2 yr HOT HEADED rookie cop! He wouldnt come out of the house after only 20 minutes. He was drinking and wasnt suppose to bc of a DUI probation. He was so scared to go to get arrested. On his DUI arrest, the same department beat him and injured his back severely…so he was just plain scared. He called the neighbors and his mom 6 times for help. They knew this, still did not call a negotiator…they just broke into house killing him INSTANTLY! On the 911 tape, you here him crying, saying he didnt do anything wrong, the glass door break, and an officer yelling, “put your hands on the ground”….giving him NO chance to reply, they shot him so quickly, assuming there was a gun, but no gun was found near his body. They spent the next hour we believe trying tocover it up, not calling the BCA to investigate it for over an hour! This is becoming an epidemic!

  3. After a stranger assaulted me with an aluminum bat to my skull, the police officer arriving to assist me came within arms reach of me and TASERED ME! I was severely disabled prior to being tasered due to 2 spinal fusions. Now my condition is worse than ever. The taser did more damage than the bat to my skull. The chief of police “justified” this officer’s actions. There is no means of justice in Burlington, IA. Police are out of control throughout our country because they keep getting away with their crimes against innocent & disabled tax-payers who can’t afford an attorney. INJUSTICE IN AMERICA is only getting worse each day.

  4. I live in Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia. Two police came and knocked at the door – but weren’t in uniforms. They started yelling at my wife and accusing her of stealing a baby pram for quite some time, asking her if she had proof that she bought the pram. They didn’t get physical, but said they only stopped because they saw the baby pram in front of the house but it had groceries in and my wife had been shopping for quite some time that day. The things they said made absolutely no sense. They claimed an adult stood on a pram to get another pram out of the charity bin, and that some people climb in to get them out. Both things are physically impossible for anyone to do. A pram would easily collapse under that much weight, and a charity bin has a small one-way V-shaped door, similar to a book drop. They even took photographs. This is the SECOND time they came to our house with complete nonsense, said things that made no sense, but they mostly ignore real crimes in the area, such as people throwing rocks at toddlers into their own yard, even when they know who it is.

  5. I completely identify with your story because it happened to me too – at least the abuse part. I had never been in any kind of trouble but the police were pretty scary and agressive. When you described how they had their foot on your head it was exactly how they did it to me. My family didn’t understand or beleive me so I tried to get a copy of the tapes which I never got. I was so angry I just couldn’t let it go which apparently I should have. They trumped up false charges against me and bullied me throughout the court process and had people that would falsely testify against me. Policemen today are as bad as the criminals, but even worse are the higher officials who allow this and apparently endorse their behavior.

  6. I’m glad this site is up. People need to realize that police are out of control in this country.

  7. The deputies chose to remove Haake by tazing him, then restraining him. The coroner ruled that an existing heart condition, combined with the compression to his chest when he was placed on the ground to be handcuffed.

  8. This empowerment of police officers has to stop I am tired of watching videos everyday of some tempered cop beating someone for no reason. I took an oath to protect the country against all enemies foreign or domestic. I am sure the officers have taken oaths as well and i fell its our duty as Americans to stop this abuse of power and take back our rights. I hope and pray that Americans will one day stand up and end this.

  9. Henderson Nevada cop executes a mother in front of her children and get away with it. That same officer was reported as having sexual relations with a 15 year little girl and again nothing was ever done. The city supported the murder. The after 1 25 million dollar law suit, settled for 700,000 thousand, the cop was given the oppertunity to resign. Essentially he got away with MURDER.

    Henderson Nevada, Cops beat 85 year old and left him to bleed to death in jail cell.
    Henderson Nevada, Cops Beat handicap man in front of his family. It took 5 staples to put his scull together.
    Henderson Nevada, Cops kill lost baby mountian cub.
    Henderson Nevada, cops kill fire chief.
    Henderson Nevada cops are supported by the city and judges.
    Henderson Nevada motorcycle cops create hidden speed traps daily to generate revenue..
    Henderson Nevada. The list goes on and on.

    Las Vegas Nevada, cops killed a teen driver for playing his music too loud.
    Las Vegas Nevada, cops killed a pregnant mother.
    Las Vegas Nevada, cops shot a kid in the back who was handcuffed.
    Las Vegas Nevada, Teen mother was made to take the fall for an auto accident that killed 6 teens on the highway, now serving 48 years.
    Las Vegas Nevada, cop kills 4 while speeding without lights or siriens.
    Las Vegas Nevada, cops kill tourist.
    Las Vegas Nevada, the list goes on and on.

    North Las Vegas Nevada, cops kill teen.
    North Las Vegas Nevada, to many to report.

    Shelby Township Michigan, teen tasered to death. Cops get away with murder.
    Warren Michigan, out of control police abuse.
    Roseville Michigan, out of control police abuse.
    Sterling Heights Michigan, out of control police.

    The abuse is running rampid and out of control.
    Arm your self, and never, never, never trust a cop. They are not on your side.

    See the Terrorist hiding behind the badge.
    The United States has turned in to a Police State.
    We told you so.

  10. I agree a friend and myself were arrested for telling the state paid thugs to get a real job and to be real creative and productive members of society. There is no future in being betrayers of humanity by by placing money and power above humanism.

  11. One day as we get closer to a “Totalitarian State”, the citizens are not going to stand for the “Jack-Booted Thugs” known as cops,….punks too damn dumb and lazy to work for a living,….fuck a cop

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  13. Hmmm.. ” I was in the United States…” you sure? Sounds more like Nazi Germany to me….

  14. Cops are out of control because they’re big pricks with small dicks, and the government, city, county, state, federal, backs the azzholes up no matter what they do… cops are nothing but armed tax collectors anyway. They should all be snet to our inner cities to control gangs, of be sent to the border to interdict drug traffice, rather than driving around loooking for citizens to harass. Fuck cops

  15. The latest example of police brutality unfolded in Mendocino Country California. A San Francisco family was visiting Portuguese Beach when the father accidentally fell into the water and was washed away from the shore.

    Police arrived with rescue crews but made no effort to save the drowning man, named as 54-year-old Maurizio Biasini, and prevented his two 18-year-old sons, Dario and Andriano Biasini, from helping their dad as they insisted on waiting for the Coast Guard and a Sheriff’s boat.

    The sons’ protests about the inaction of the authorities led to a struggle and cops tackled one while the other was restrained. The son who the cops tackled was then tasered as he lay on the floor and tasered a second time as he attempted to get up.

    This is just the latest example in an epidemic of police brutality that has swept America in the last few years as the indiscriminate use and abuse of Taser devices increases exponentially.