The Merovingian Dynasty Bloodline — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t put much stock in Gardner myself. Unlike Church, he does not rely on the Holy Bible to reach his conclusions. There is no such thing as a revived Atlantis in the Bible. As you may know, there is a revived Roman Empire, which Church and many others believe is the European Union. This school of thought asserts that the Merovingians (are) were descendantants of the Tribe of Dan through the ancient Greeks of Sparta, and are primarily the inhabitants of France and Germany who will produce the anti Christ. The Tribe of Dan are descendants of Shem who adopted the idolatrous ways of the Canaanites. They brought these practices to Europe. This is why the Merovingians were known as the sorcerer kings. They were occult practitioners and polygamists.

  2. It is possible that the cursed seed of the serpent continued after the Deluge through Noah’s son Ham. (Gen. 9:25) Gardner and other Merovingian authors claim there is a living descendant of this demonic bloodline who will one day rule over a revived Atlantis.