World Depopulation is Top NSA Agenda — 2 Comments

  1. you can fit the whole population of th globe in australia and give everyone an acre of land and australia will be left with lots of acres and the rest of the world will be empty you are living in a lie in the hands of evil eugenic illuminati molech luciferian osiris sun amen worshipers that have lie to you or kill you if you learn the truth God created you to create and be good on the time you are on this planet but evil is in charge and it will stop you rom becoming what your potentials are and if you have any geneus ideas they take it from you and make you desapear is deep but the reality of it all is that evil is in charge behind the scene and he has created a matrix where you live and are part of the illucion but is deep and not everyone will see it and you can’t find it at church or any place to buy it but is deep.

  2. The Swine flu Scare is just that a huge scare tactic to keep the American people so crazed with FEAR they do not think of anything else.