Obamacare To Be Enforced By Armed Thugs — 2 Comments

  1. One world order? Forced health care controlled by the IRS, Obamarxism care, Cap and Trade enforcements, Tax increases, Obamarxism not wearing a pin of our American flag,Ordering the removal of our flag in Haiti, Schizo Pelosi-ism, the list goes on… Do not forget our freedoms are slowly going away… I think our voted in politicians are trading us all in to the communist party of China 1 billion dollars at a time. You wait, the worse is yet to come…
    Obama, WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION you idiot. If you don’t like it, go to your islamic country and try to live with the freedoms you have now…safely!

  2. The “Pat Riot” movement seems to support this Ron Paul puppet.

    All these guys are within the same pig pen, they just act as if they are some sort of opposition, it’s a deceptive illusion.

    Ron Paul, Jesus Ventura, Alex Jones are all playing the game of deception.