The Rothschild Bloodline — 5 Comments

  1. In contrast, a hodge-podge of groups which are opposed to the conspiracy like some Neo-Nazi groups, and various Churches unrelated with them are also believers in British Israelism. These various groups are sometimes all lumped together as the “Identity” movement, which is misleading because of their vast differences. It is important to diferentiate between those groups that are trying to approach things from a Christian perspective and place themselves under the authority of God, and those who are setting themselves up under the New Order’s authority, or under their own authority.

  2. You’re absolutely correct… the U.S. Federal Reserve IS NOT a division of the U.S. Government. It is a privately held corporation owned by banks.

  3. 12.29.2008

    The only problem with the above comments are that they lead you to believe that the US Federal Reserve is a division of the US Government. The reality is that the US Federal Reserve is controlled by the Rothschild’s as have all the US Central Banks in the past. When the first US Central Bank was established (assisted by Alexander Hamilton, an agent of the Rothschild’s)in 1791 and the second US Central Bank was reestablished in 1816 after loosing its charter in 1811 (the Rothschild’s bankrolled the British to fight the War of 1812 in retaliation for not continuing the banks charter) and the third US Central Bank was finally established in 1913 (Federal Reserve Act f 1913); the Rothschild’s controlled all 3 Central Banks. Rothschild’s financial empire is the New World Order and exists outside all governing laws; wealth/money is power and absolute wealth is absolute POWER!!!

    • the 12 FR banks are incorporated and are owned by the commercial banks of the region who buy shares (put up funding money). Each of the 12 has a board of (9) directors. The commercial banks buy a franchise from the FR system.

      The FR Board of Governors has administrative and regulatory control of the 12 FR banks. They can fire any bank director without cause and without recourse. This party alleges the BOG is a closely held private corporation with shares (ownership) held by TBTF Wall Street banks.