Will There be a Food Shortage in America? — 3 Comments

  1. i dont know if obama is the anti christ he wants a new world order i believe that is the right thing to do beacuse there is to much violence in the world we should have some kind of control on weapons dah.

  2. As the show “preppers” high lights a lot of people who go to the extremes, I do think we should prepare. Storing food and water is a good idea. As a country, we are entering a new phase of sky rocketing national debt, and a president with no regard for our constitution or capitalism. Our gov’t has become so bloated and corrupt, I feel there is no turning back. As cynical as it sounds, it’s a reality…we need to prepare to take care of ourselves and our family as there are going to be scary days ahead. When the dollar won’t have much value….and you can’t eat gold and precious metals, food will be our most valuable asset.

  3. We’ve got dozens of natural and manmade threats to contend with. Dirty bombs, EMPs, earthquakes, hurricanes, mud-slides, cyberattacks, economic collapse, attacks on the electricity grid, local accidents, etc. etc. Don’t waste your time worrying about it…Just start taking steps to prepare.